I'm Abbie, i'm 21 years old, I live in Florida, I have like 5 friends MAYBE, I work at Hooters, and I drive a mini van named Barry Vanilow. Pleasure to meet you.
I’m sorry, but i’m not entirely sure why someone felt the need to repost this picture of the rave bra I made instead of reblogging it from me. It’s not nice to take credit for someone else’s work. I’m also kind of annoyed that it got like 3,000 some odd notes, under someone else’s name. At least credit me dude. THESE ARE MY BOOBS NOT YOURS. 

Goof girls night out~

Literally talking about how perf Taylor is, and then one of her songs comes on the radio…. It’s like she knows…

A poor quality photograph of meeting @jacksws and @jennachappell they were seriously the sweetest (: